Information On Our Guides.

Our guides are here to offer you basic information and hints & tips when it comes to washing your car and wheels, as well as drying the car. Products reccommended are purely a reccommendation, and you may substitute them for your own products.

Start Detailing!

Safe Washing

First Rinse

Rinse the car off using a pressure washer or open hose pipe. This washes away any loose grit and dirt particles. If using a pressure washer, work from the roof down in sweeping motions, to blast the dirt downwards. Give the wheels a good clean to remove as much brake dust and dirt as possible.

Two Bucket Method Wash

Fill two buckets with warm water. Add your shampoo to one, and aggitate to form suds using your hand, or alternatively top it up using a pressure washer to give a large foamy head with plently of suds.

Your second bucket is used for rinsing your wash mit. Work from the roof downwards, using plently of shampoo solution. Rinse your mit using the rinse bucket regularly, then collect more suds using the mit.

If available, use a second mit to wash the lower portions of the car, and do this last.


Wheel Cleaning

Wheel cleaning is often the most hated task when it comes to detailing your car - but it doesnt have to be! Well sealed and protected wheels will need minimal maintenance in order to get them looking factory fresh.

Start by rinsing off your wheels with your hose or pressure washer. Apply your wheel cleaner and allow it to dwell for up to 5 minutes, to allow it to break down any heavy break dust. Then, using your wheel brushes and mits, aggitate it to remove the dirt. Rinse it again, then dry it off. Finish with some Satin Tyre Dressing to achieve that professional look!

Safe Drying


Drying your can be quick and easy if you use a dedicated car dryer. Although expensive, they can save you time and effort when it comes to drying your car. They also make the whole drying process touchless, which reduces the risk of causing damage or marring to your paint.

If using a dedicated drying towel, fold it into 8 workable sections. Then, one panel at a time, gently wipe the drying towel over the car in straight lines. Dont apply to much pressure, let the towel do the work.